Monday, 31 December 2012

Northampton UK Grime & Dubstep Scene 2012!

After twenty five weekly Northampton Grime & Dubstep shows in 2012, here's a look at the local scene from a RUNNINZZ FM perspective.

Best Northampton Grime Track of 2012

Terrible Nincy Boi & Venom - Conquest

Definitely my stand out track this year. Produced by grime ace CB and BrandZ, this track in every way stays true to its grime roots. Nincy's cheeky bars and vocal delivery intertwined with Venom's controlled tones tell a frank tale from the Blackthorn estate without ever flossin like so many other so called grime MCs.

From a Nincy point of view, the track is typical in honesty and bleakness, yet his style flips this perception into a word play comedy. 2013 should bring great things to Nincy should he decide to stick to grime.

Venom has been quiet recently a new mixtape could help push this MC.

Other selected tunes: CB - Assault, CB - Waste Land, Devastate - Enough Said, J Kaz, Mica Goldson & CB - Not In My Lane, Reskology - Cinema, Statik MC & Audio Narxx - Inner Space Freestyle, Terrible Nincy Boi & Jam D - Alien Base


Best Northampton Dubstep Track of 2012

Jam PRD - Northern Lights

Play 'Northern Lights' on Soundcloud

Slow, punchy, not many frills. You wouldn't expect this to be a good tune?

In an age of a dubstep scene which had undergone a massive crossover to mainstream where dubstep doesn't really sound like dubstep, Jam PRD's 'Northern Lights' owes a lot to the original Croydon sound.

Deep & deadly subs punched with hi-frequency vocal hits allow the controlled rhythm to maintain its composure throughout. Sometimes a mood can be set by a producer, Northern Lights cannot be seen through the clouds of smoke around it!

Much of Jam PRD's back catalogue is consistent and is highlighted further below.

Other selected tunes: Data & Cell - Heaven's Descent, Jam PRD - Shock Dem, Jmerty - Black Noise, Seedy Eye - Dirty Knees, Sublow Substep - Haarp, The Wevaman - My Gun, The Wevaman & Markzman - Eastern District


Best Northampton Grime Act of 2012


The relatively new producer CB has cast a fresh sound on the local grime scene. CB (once known as ThreatZ) has held down a consistent work rate throughout the year and has remained on top of pulling in some of the most promising grime acts on his tracks.

Having produced tracks for Terrible Nincy Boi, Venom, J Kaz, L.ON.DON & Mica Goldson, the guy should start surfacing next levels in 2013.

One thing that may hold him back? A fading local grime scene where old school MCs have gone on hiatus or have disappeared - where are these guys?

Tunes to check: Sprite, Assault, Not In My Lane, Conquest, Skyfall, Conquest (remix)

It is also worth noting this producer is that good that some guy on Soundcloud stole his music and began labelling it his own.

Other selected acts: Audio Narxx, Devastate, J Kaz & Terrible Nincy Boi

Best Northampton Dubstep Act of 2012


Few producers in any category of dance/electronic music can hold a high level of consistency between each tune. WIth this in mind, Jam PRD must fit the few producers out there.

Jam's success has been built along through a steady progression onto Phantom Hertz Recordings as well as ARDDRIVE who are active in the dubstep and grime scene.

Mental block is enough to end any wannabe producer career; Jam's easy flow of tracks allows him to offer free downloads back to the fans which should always be respected, as should his steady work rate.

Another year should expect the same again and perhaps some attempts to mould the local scene their own along with The Wevaman who has also impressed.

The local scene is a catalyst of new producers and DJs developing different styles of dubstep yet are still missing the consistency needed to improve they're existence - even on my shows.

Other selected acts: Jmerty, Primer, Seedy Eye, Sublow Substep, The Wevaman,


Looking to the new year, 2013 will hopefully become more fruitful for grime in Northampton which is missing MCs, producers and crews making tracks and mixtapes.

True, a YouTube video can be produced and uploaded in less than five minutes with the correct equipment however a DJ cannot spin a YouTube video. Budding MCs should note this when attempting to promote themselves: pioneers like Dizzee, Wiley, Dot Rotten and Newham Generals prided themselves on mixtapes and work rate.

Will Northampton rely on Nincy, Audio Narxx, J Kaz and Outz to keep it going? Or will there be a change?

Shouts outs to The Blok Shop (Kettering Road) and Sidewinder Click who have been active in promoting the local sound!


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