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RUNNINZZ FM's REAL TALK aims at promoting the emerging and established artists in Northampton scene. This week: SUBLOW SUBSTEP

Sublow Substep is a dubstep and drum n bass producer from Northampton who I found out about last year. One of the first tracks I heard was the heavyweight bass classic "Kush Not Haze" ( [2012])
which was a regular track on my playlist, not because of its name but because of its grimey, brash and metallic sounding brutalness. Defo one of the dubstep tracks of 2012.

I had took notice and began working through SS's other tracks such as "Deep", "The Metal Jacket" and "Eastern Dubz" which all showcased SS's producing skills and brain-frazzling basslines. More recently I've had the pleasure of playing "R U Mad" ( [2013]) and the eerie "Who U Talkin 2" ( [2013]) which makes uses of some pretty cold synths throughout it's intro and samples from Adam Deacon's 'Friday' inspired Anuvahood.

SS note's jungle godfathers Mickey Finn, Andy C and LTJ Bukem as his influences, each DJ with their different takes on a vast jungle sound from the early 90s (b-boy, jump up and atmospheric respectively). In dubstep, SS classes J:Kenzo as his main influence, especially Kenzo's insight into dark vibes and heavy rolling subs.

A love for bassline, Sublow Substep began DJing in 2000 and currently adopts the philosophy on present technologies as "not being able to beat vinyl" in a world of digital and Virtual mixing. He also credits Dirty Dazzler / Dirt Mgrit as one of the top guys in Northampton as well as dubstep producer TSBeats.

What next for SS?

I would love to see an EP drop this year. Sublow Substep's workrate is one that implies intricate perfection over quantity of tracks, as a producer myself, this is a difficulty as sometimes you just wanna get a track finished!

I would also recommend any budding MCs get on a Sublow Substep beat. One thing I never got with dubstep crossing into the mainstream is the lack of grime MCs willing to give it a chance aside south-west London crews such as OG'z and Family Tree.

Check Sublow Substep on...
Soundcloud -
Facebook -!/keeno2009

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